Adventure Sligo were proud finalists and today announced as runners up in the prestigious European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) Award for the Best Health & Well-Being Tourism Destination in Ireland at the Sligo Park Hotel.

The awards were co-ordinated and presented by Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority.

A huge congratulations to the winners, Strandhill Community Development Association. Fantastic result for Sligo.

The European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) Awards are part of an EU project promoting sustainable tourism development across the European Union and are held every two years in 29 member states.  The winner had to be a destination in Ireland offering a sustainable and well-developed health and well-being tourist experience characteristic of their region with a potential to grow visitor numbers. In addition, the winner had to have a variety of health and well-being tourism activities, including yoga and meditation, sport and fitness, and nutritional programmes provided by various services and facilities from spa resorts to activity providers.

“This is just a wonderful achievement for Adventure Sligo”, said Blaithín Sweeney of Your Wellbeing Warrior who is Secretary of Adventure Sligo, “There has been a renewed energy through the network since it was announced we’d been shortlisted. New ideas, projects and collaborations are already developing and we’re looking forward to an energised 2020”.

Being short-listed for the EDEN awards is a testament to the progress Adventure Sligo has made in recent times in connecting the providers and being a central point for adventure and wellbeing initiatives.  The awards provided an opportunity to give a wider perspective of the diversity, depth and uniqueness of the offering here in Sligo.

Sligo is a uniquely active and attractive destination with an enormous amount happening to benefit the community from outdoor gyms and natural amenities to the planned town centre pontoon and cultural plaza. All of these are strong foundations for networks like Adventure Sligo to build on and are very attractive to holidaymakers from home and abroad. Sligo is a truly holistic escape destination, enhancing a sense of wellbeing that will last long after a holiday has ended.