It’s WB Yeats’ birthday on Thursday 13th June and Adventure Sligo members are joining in the online poetry party initiated by the Yeats Society. They’ve arisen and gone to their natural habitat (“the waters and the wild”) and recorded themselves quoting their favourite lines of the world famous poet’s work. #YeatsDaySligo

It’s all part of the worldwide celebration of Yeats Day commemorating his birthday and promoting culture and creativity in Sligo, Yeats’ spiritual home. The event is also part of the 60th incarnation of the Yeats International Summer School.

William Butler Yeats called Sligo The Land of Heart’s Desire and Adventure Sligo would agree with him wholeheartedly. Sligo has everything the outdoor adventurer could desire – the Wild Atlantic Way with thundering surf, quiet coves and endless beaches, the towering peaks of Benbulben, Knocknarea and the Ox Mountains as well as tranquil lakelands and bee-loud glades. Sligo is just waiting here for discovery and Adventure Sligo members know every hidden nook and cranny.

So, this is our invitation to every ‘human child’ to come and discover ‘the waters and the wild’ with us today. We guarantee you’ll love your adventure in Sligo.