Seatrails, Heritage Guided Trails

We offer unique guided heritage walking tours in the beautifully untouched Counties of Sligo and Leitrim in the north west of Ireland. On any tour you book with us, we’ll look after you well and make sure you have a fun, adventurous and interesting time.  You will be accompanied by an expert archaeologist/heritage guide who will take you to places you never would have found on your own which are truly intriguing and inspiring.

We also offer guided heritage tours on horseback! Whether on foot or in the saddle, you can explore green, rural countryside, ancient monuments in the most scenic areas and discover stunning beaches and hidden islands along the coastline of the rugged Wild Atlantic Way. Relax, take it all in and disconnect. After your adventure, you can enjoy the quirky town of Sligo, a hub of musical and artistic heritage. So, come here and enjoy it with us!

  • Guide: Auriel Robinson
  • 087-2405071
  • Office: Innovation Centre, Sligo IT, Ash lane, Sligo
  • Open: 6  days a week including Saturday
  • Locations: Sligo & Leitrim